Our Team

The STELLAR family is a close knit, result oriented, passionate and fun to work with team. We believe that to succeed ,every member needs to play a contributing role and personal success stories are interwoven to achieve a collective goal. We WORK hard and PLAY hard. 

T ogether

E veryone

A chieves

M ore

Samantha Araujo

Founder & CEO - Middle East & Africa


Dreams can come true... but they take time, dedication, patience and a lot of passion to see it through. Stellar USP - is my dream come true. In my years of management experience, I have learned that customer satisfaction can be summed up in three words - DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS. This ethos has been engrained into each of my team member, who carry this forward in everthing they do, collectively achieving our goal. Success does not come easy, but with sheer hardwork, team spirit, passion and keeping the customer at the very forefront, the odds always work in our favour.

I am a dynamic and result oriented leader with a strong track record of performance in previous organisations, which help me utilize my keen analysis, insights and team approach to drive organizational improvements and implementation of the best practices at STELLAR. My superior interpersonal skills, capable of resolving issues and motivating staff to peak performance helped in taking Stellar in a short period of time to be the best in our business. Today, we have become a leader in the hospitality industry by always focusing on our clients, whether they are huge global brands or local ones.

So join us on our journey to be the best, as a CLIENT, a BRAND PARTNER or a TEAM MEMBER.

Paolo Preti

General Manager - MENA

Energetic & Ambitious – Determined - Motorsport Enthusiast

Paolo is a well-known personality in the Middle East Hospitality sector. A Veteran, with around 30 years of overall experience. He is passionate about his work and is a skilled individual with profound knowledge of the products. He is a team player and strongly believes in working with others to achieve the company objective. A people-oriented person having a steady source of motivation that drives him and the team to do the best. Paolo has collaborated closely on various projects in the past with our Founder & CEO, Ms. Samantha Araujo, with his wealth of knowledge and experience Stellar USP has already transitioned into the next phase of growth. His multilingual proficiency gives him an upper hand with the native as well as the global audience.  

Limits exist only in the mind - Astute- Robust – Focused

Jackson Leeson

Sales Manager


Jackson has a vast experience looking after key accounts in the OS&E segment of the hospitality supply industry for over 7 years. Always energetic with a positive attitude towards learning new skills. Enthusiastic for music and has a passion for cricket. Though Jackson takes his work seriously, he does have a good sense of humor and can brighten up a person’s mood.

Jackson can convert his sales like a ‘MOONWALK’ - Smoothly.

Samson Dsilva

Sales Assistant


Samson has an eagerness to learn new things. Just out of college but Enthusiastic, Strong-Willed, Ambitious and Passionate. He has been a district level football player for Mumbai United F.C, loves swimming and Battle royale games. Being a millennial, he is active on almost all social media platforms and is keen to handle the Bar and restaurant sector for Stellar USP.

Analyn Romero

Procurement Manager


Analyn has over 15 years of experience in both Procurement and Finance. She brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to the advantage of Stellar. Having worked closely with Samantha for many years, she already knew what would be expected of her in this new venture. This has helped in the company quickly moving to set standards, and raising the bar at various performance levels. 

Not just setting STANDARDS but RAISING THE BAR


Diana Dsouza

Sales Coordinator


Diana is the axis of Stellar quotations. Coordinating with the sales team, going through product specifications, working with pricelists, and ensuring that clients receive them on time, is just another day at the office. A mistake can cost the company and she takes this responsibility to heart. She loves to travel and try new foods or just chill with a good old book. 

Quotations are the HEARTBEAT of Stellar - Diana knows this well.

Mary Joy Cortes

Sales Coordinator

Unstoppable Learner, Photographer, Travel Aficionado

Mary Joy is an organized and detail-oriented sales coordinator with a strong grasp of communication skills along with a knack for persuasion. She supports the sales representatives and coordinates sales-related activities to ensure STELLAR goals are met in a professional manner.

SPEED and ACCURACY – that’s Mary’s forte.

Silvester D'silva

Head of Finance & Operations


Silvester has an eagle eye on every payment and invoice. Cash flow is the very heartbeat of every successful business and his role is instrumental in keeping  this ticking at the right pace and balance. Having a keen interest in all things IT, he keeps our website and all things social updated. Silvester is constanly learning and updating his qualifications and skills. This could be via study courses, attending learning seminars or via Mr. Google.

Silvester keeps STELLAR'S cash flowing :)


Shilpa Ganesh Puttur



Shilpa has an academic background in Business and Accounting. She has a keen eye for everything art and numerical. Being responsible for payables, she ensures that Stellar retains its image as a reputable distributor. Generating updated reports on a daily and weekly basis always keeps us in the right direction. Music, cooking and creative arts keeps her grounded and in tune with her self identity.

Guiding STELLAR in the right direction - CONSISTENTLY

Jerson Barrios

Logistics Manager


Jerson is a logistics and operations management professional with more than 10 years of experience in Travel Retail, Distribution, Planning and Supply Chain. Thrives in challenges and adept in doing the right things exceedingly well, with a strong customer-centric orientation. Highly independent yet puts a strong premium on the value of team work. Believes in putting a little “extra” to those ordinary tasks that makes every output extra-ordinary!

Jaycel Hatulan

Showroom Incharge


Jaycel or Jay ( we like to call him this ) has many overlapping roles, be it logistics, quotes, inventories, deliveries, warehousing or managing the showroom. Even in the sudden changes of roles, he is able to keep calm and execute the job at hand with precision. This gives us the flexibility to divert resources as and when the situation demands. Polite and refined, he is a busy mind under the cool demeanour.

ALWAYS READY - is his motto, be it work or your kitchen.

Biju Arol

Warehouse Manager


No one navigates the roads better than Biju. The strength of logistics depends on last mile delivery, which needs to be time bound and efficient. This philosophy has been embedded in Stellar and represented perfectly by him. Come weekends you can find him playing football but never shying away from an urgent delivery that needs to be executed.

LAST MILE delivery - On time , EVERYTIME

Naresh Gunnala


Food Lover, Cricketer, Multitasker

Naresh is an engaging individual with a solid record of safe transportation of goods, offering great skills in delivery management with a sound knowledge and understanding of the navigation systems.  He also has a good understanding of principles associated with customer service and communicates effectively.

Dependable, Energetic, and always smiling.

Sachin Pradeepan

Logistics Assistant

Music lover, Cricketer, Multitasker

Sachin is an assiduous individual. Arranging the showroom in a manner that is both visually appealing and allows ease of movement, monitoring the use of equipment and supplies within the office is his forte. Sachin has a key role when it comes to organizing samples for the sales. 

Dedicated, Passionate, and Receptive