Schonwald, a BHS tabletop AG brand, is and has been one of the world's leading providor of high-end procelain for over 135 years. The brand stands apart because of its exceptional practical design, long lasting collections, and excellent product quality. " Made in Germany - strengths that are appreciated by hoteliers, restauranteurs and kithchen professionals in over 100 countries. Our portfolio of over 40 collections and 1700 individual pieces provides a suitable setting for the latest food trends. Schonwald has received the energy and environmental certification of ISO norm 5000...

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Playground by Schönwald

An invitation to mix and match. A broad palette of inspirations to set the stage for your cuisine in uniquely different and exciting ways. Enjoy! PICK AND PLAY

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Located in the most popular region of the ceramic industry in Japan, TOKI, we have been doing ceramic ware business for more than 40 years. As JAPANESE food becomes well accepted worldwide, we decided to carry everything needed for japanese restaurants and japanese food culture itself. We offer a wide range of ceramic tableware, wooden tableware, lacquer ware, bamboo tableware, handmade glassware, japanese chef knives and a variety of useful kitchen tools. Stellar USP has partnered with Miyake to bring the best of japanese products to this part of the world. Quality, value and reliability a...

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